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Epistolar: Theodor Capidan către Sextil Puşcariu

Publication: Caietele Sextil Pușcariu, I, Section Lingvistică și filologie, p. 137
Actele Conferinței Internaționale „Zilele Sextil Pușcariu”, Ediția I, Cluj-Napoca, 12–13 septembrie 2013
Editori: Eugen Pavel, Nicolae Mocanu; Coperta: Călin Stegerean; Layout: Nicolae Mocanu
Tiparul a fost finanțat de Asociația Culturală „Text și discurs religios” din Iași
Publisher:Editura Scriptor; Editura Argonaut
Abstract:This second part (the first part was published in Études romanes..., p. 597–603) of the correspondence received by Sextil Puşcariu from Theodor Capidan emphasizes data meant to bring light to the years spent by Th. Capidan as G. Weigand’s student in Romania and at Leipzig and to the period when Th. Capidan was a professor in Salonic, but especially to the beginning of his collaboration with S. Puşcariu at the Dictionary of the Romanian Language, coordinated by the latter under the patronage of the Romanian Academy. Th. Capidan’s conffesions are also interesting from the historical point of view as they regard the Balkan wars and the negociations of the time on the so-called “Aromanian issue”.
Key words:
  • Sextil Puşcariu, Theodor Capidan, corespondenţă, Academia Română, Dicţionarul limbii române, războaiele balcanice, „chestiunea aromânească”
  • Sextil Puşcariu, Theodor Capidan, correspondence, Romanian Academy, Dictionary of the Romanian Language, Balkan wars, “Aromanian issue”
Language: Romanian

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2Nicolae MocanuEpistolar: Theodor Capidan către Sextil Pușcariu (I)Dimitrescu – Niculescu, II, 5972013

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