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Raportul dintre subiect şi predicat. Concepţia lui Lazăr Şăineanu

Publication: Philologica Banatica, VII (1), p. 25-29
Publisher:Editura Mirton; Editura Amphora
Abstract:In grammatical theory, the relationship between subject and predicate has always been an issue. From a diachronic perspective, there have outlined two guidelines, which essentially, are mutually excluding one another: the predicate is dependent v the subject matter which depends on predicate. A recent attempt at balancing the two guidelines refers to a ratio of interdependence already existing between the two syntactic entities. The latter is included also in the conception of Lazăr Şăineanu, who speaks in his main work dedicated to the relationship between logics and grammar Raporturile dintre gramatică şi logică, cu o privire sintetică asupra părţilor cuvântului: Studiu de lingvistică generală) despre un raport deinerenţă (interdependenţă) între subiect şi predicat.
Lazăr Şăineanu declares himself a enthusiast of the psychologist theory developed by the German linguist Steinthal, arguing alltogether that psychology, and not logics, represent the real domain of grammar. As far as subject and predicate, he underlines the necessity of rendering the difference between subject and logic predicate, and between the subject and grammatical predicate. We shall find his subject of studying in one of his modern theories about the predicate and predication.
Key words:gramatică, raporturi lexico-semantice, subiect, predicat
Language: Romanian

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