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Online Communication and the Semiotic Audit

Publication: Buletinul Științific al Universității „Mihail Kogălniceanu”, 22 (2), p. 99-108
Publisher:Editura Cugetarea
Abstract:The online environment offers to companies the possibility of opening virtual offices where they can provide information about the products and services available to the interested public. The architecture of the site, the chromatics, the tips, the icons and symbols used are a part of the firm’s identity and contribute to the formation of its image. The semiotic audit is used to analyze the messages sent by the sender and the meaning that they get in the competition context.
Key words:brand, semiotic audit, online communication, website, image
Language: English

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37Umberto EcoTratat de semiotică generalăEditura Științifică și Enciclopedică1982

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